Monday, November 2, 2009

First Day

Well we have hit the first snag, Ronald McDonald House is full. We are on the waitlist and are staying at a hotel. Hopefully we will get in soon. Cloey had a TON of x-rays done this morning, I think they got every bone in her body. Then we had a Diet consult who may add some gummy vitamins to her diet, she's excited about that because Cal & Lainey get them every day and Cloey thinks she is getting jipped. If she is not able to eat them , we will have to add a powdered supplement to her feedings. This is mainly because at 9 she enters the PRE-TEEN category for nutrition (What!? no way I'm that old!). Then we saw Pulmonary, he believes her lungs are fine, but was researching and putting the pieces together while we were talking and believes she may have another underlying disorder, he will consult with some of her other doctors and get back to us. Last we saw Hematology. She does not believe Cloey has Von Willebrand (the bleeding disorder) and will be getting her labs from Phoenix Children's to make a diagnosis. I am starting to worry about being done by the end of the week. Just today we added two follow-up appointments, and probably a GI appointment and scope. But that is why we come here, to get answers. It's all worth it when we bring home a happier, healthier Cloey.

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