Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Two

We are number five on the wait list at Ronald McDonald House, so it should be tomorrow or the next day. We started of with a consult with the sleep disorder doctor. He agreed that there is a possibility Cloey has this underlying condition. He set up a sleep study for Thursday night in the intensive care unit (because of her Vent) He will be checking her oxygen and Co2 level through the night in addition to monitoring her sleep while both on and off the vent. At the same time she will be wearing a heart monitor to see if we see any correlation to REM sleep and the bradycardia. Next was the cardiologist, he ordered the monitor she will wear during the sleep study. He was glad that she doesn't seem to have pauses just a low rate. He will review the results with us on Friday. He agrees that She needs to be tested for this disorder. It is a genetic blood test that will be drawn tomorrow. The results take about 10 days so we will know more after we come home. It really won't change her care either way, it is just an answer as to why and will give us guidance for the future. Next was ENT (they manage the trach). They also feel the results of the sleep study, heart monitor and blood test are important before moving on. She will have surgery tomorrow to examine, clean and up-size her trach and replace her ear tubes. They will also draw the blood for the test while she is knocked out. She will spend the night in the intensive care unit. Last we saw a surgical nurse to check her g-tube placement which is perfectly fine. So, it looks like we won't have any real answers until at least Friday. Cloey had a real hard time coming out of anesthesia with her last surgery in July, so we are a little nervous about tomorrow. Needless to say, keep your prayers coming! We love you all and are so grateful for all the help and support we are receiving

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