Monday, September 5, 2011

Weeks 9-15

So Sorry It has been so long since I have updated on Cloey's adventures. She has remained relatively healthy. The only decline we have seen is a decrease in endurance, but thankfully it has been a slow decline and Cloey is still able to do most things.

The stress of it all has finally taken it's toll on our marriage. Ty and I our both overwhelmed and obviously coping in very different ways. We are in counseling and working on strengthening our marriage.

In the meantime, Cloey (and Cal) completed buddy bowling and received a trophy! She also enjoyed a week at Ryan House where she got to be nurse for a day and take care of patients (teddy bears). She was able to participate in Camp Zoo and feed the Giraffes, her absolute favorite a animal. And the biggest change of all has been going back to Brisas! because of all that is going on with us, we had to re-prioritize and decided to put the kids back in public school. When we told Cloey she asked if she could go back to Brisas, I wasn't sure it would be possible but the kind & caring principle over there made it happen (Thank You!)
Please continue to pray for our family, your prayers are felt and much needed.