Friday, November 6, 2009

Day five

We're coming home! Last night Ty and I decided that if we were going to believe that she didn't need the vent anymore we had to be sure, so we kind of did a study of our own. She had the heart monitor on and we did not put her on the vent last night. I was so nervous that after a few minutes of tossing and turning I made Ty bring her to our bed so I could make sure she was still breathing. It helped a little but I didn't sleep much. The cardiologist called me today with the results and said that it was as he had expected. She has an irregular beat, and while her rate dipped into the 40's once, she recovered on her own and had no pauses. This means that she is breathing and her heart is beating within normal range on her own without the vent! So we will be on a flight home on Monday. We are excited and nervous and grateful all at the same time. Thanks to all who prayed and helped Cloey on this leg of her journey, we love you!

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