Thursday, May 19, 2011

A New Chapter for Cloey

After a lot of time praying, researching, talking (sometimes arguing), crying & pondering Ty and I have decided to put Cloey on Hospice service and take her off the her vent (breathing machine). Cloey is a strong little girl and is still able to breath on her own, we hope that by doing this now we are preventing her being completely dependant on machines. We want to give her a chance to be a kid and to be happy. By putting her on Hospice we are not giving up on her, just making sure we have more control of her medical decisions. We will be avoiding the hospital like the plague and doing as little intervention as possible. We will no longer have nurses in our house every night, Cloey and Lainey will get to share a room, we can take her camping, and Cloey will be Home schooled with her brother and sister. Our first instinct was to quit everything and spend every second and dime with her, but we have decided that what Cloey deserves is a "normal" life. We will continue our daily lives and we are going to do as many family activities with her as we can, I hope you will follow them here as I do my best to update weekly on "The Adventures of Cloey"

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