Monday, May 30, 2011

Cloey's Adventures Week 1

Cloey is now officially on Hospice Service. The process was pretty painless considering the circumstances. Ryan House is an amazing organization and and has made the process fluid, our nurse manager who we will be going through for all our needs is a nurse from Ryan House that we love and trust.

The part that stung the most was telling our favorite night nurse, and having morphine and ativan delivered to the house, which we will need to have on hand for comfort control.

Thankfully, Cloey has been pretty stable, she is tired, but we have not seen an increase in her weakness so far. She is now sharing a room with Lainey and loving it. I love tucking my girls in at night in a "normal" room. We don't have nurses anymore either, it's a little odd since we have had someone around at nights for nearly 5 years.

We have been getting mixed reactions from people as they find out. We have mixed reactions ourselves sometimes. Moments when we cry, feel guilty for not spending enough time with her, questioning if we made the right decisions all along for her, soaking in the joy that is her.

I heard a song from Wicked for the first time this week that reminded me of her. My Cloey Girl, You have changed me FOR GOOD


Sarah said...

From my limited interactions with you, I have no doubt that you are making the right decision. This decision must be very difficult, but Cloey will always love you for basing your decision on what's best for her and not what's best for you. I admire you very much, and think of you often.
All my best,
Sarah Thompson

Martha said...

Oh, Megan, I love that song! Its a good one, and I agree with you.... Cloey has changed me for the better. I'm glad she's been stable and is now able to do some normal things. You are amazing. Love you all!