Monday, July 19, 2010

We Made It

we are here. The day started out really good, we had some help with Cal & Lainey so Ty was able to take us to the airport & get an escort pass to help me get through security. Just to give you an idea we had about 10 bins and her wheelchair, all medical supplies and machines that cause some kind of red flag and have to be tested, so I was real glad he was there to help. unfortunately the day went downhill from there. Cloey was having a hard time breathing on the airplane so I got her ventilator from the over head compartment. it's heavy so I had to have help, and unpack it in the aisle, only to realize the cord from the vent to the battery was missing, so I packed it all up and sat back down and turned her oxygen up hoping that would help, it did for a while but turning it up made the battery die sooner. I didn't do anything at first because I wasn't sure what I would do and I was hoping she would come around. She got lethargic and sweaty and her stats dropped to 78 (bad). so I got back out and got the ventilator down, it has an hour of internal battery and we had over an hour and a half left. so I hooked her up, leaving my only option to bag her (basically CPR) when the battery died if she was still doing so bad. Thankfully, her stats came back up to the low 90's and when the battery died she was stable enough to make it the rest of the flight. It was super scary though, my hands were shaking.

So we got off the flight and went to baggage claim. We have 4 bags that are 50lbs each, plus what I had brought on the plane. A skycab was quick to help and took me to rental car so that was cool, but when I got there the company would not honor my reservation. Long story, but basically even though they accept debit cards & I had no problem making the reservation with it & I was willing to pay in advance with the debit, they would not give me a car without a major credit card which I don't have. The other four counters were all out of cars. One said they might have one in 2-3 hours. so I had to load all the bags on a cart and push cloey and the bags to the other side of the parking lot. they fell 3 times & I could barely lift them. Once somebody helped me pick them up though. so I get to the other side and all 4 of those companies are out of cars as well. I had to give cloey a feeding so I did that while I tried to figure out what to do, while doing that I noticed that her diaper had leaked. I had to leave the bags and take her in the bathroom to clean her up, change her clothes and wipe down the chair. At this point I was pretty frazzled. I hadn't eaten since a bagel that morning. It was 7 here, about 4 there. This also meant I was now driving from Columbus to Cincinnati in the dark. I called Ty and told him everything and started crying because we couldn't come up with anything to do but wait. I hung up and decided to try to make it back across the street to the airport with Cloey and all her bags so I could at least eat and then try to figure something out. I made it almost out of the parking lot when a lady working at one of the counters chased after me. She had heard me crying to Ty and called her manager and got me a car. (yay!) the only problem now is it was quite a bit more $ and I have to try and get the $ back from orbitz for the one I had reserved. It took me a long time getting all of the stuff into a car instead of an SUV, but I did it, found a McDonalds and was on the road. It took about 2hrs to get here.

It was now dark. All the handicapped places were taken so I was parked in the back of the lot. I have been warned by several people that this is not a good neighborhood. I asked the guy at the counter for help, but he said he was the only one working & couldn't go out. So I decided to take Cloey up to the room and leave her there by herself while I went & got the bags. I need all of her medical supplies to set her up to sleep so I had to get the bags there was no way I could wait till morning. We were almost to our room and Cloey threw up all over herself and the hallway, I took her shoes off (they were soaked & I didn't want her to track it all over) and pulled a table over the puke and had to tell the guy. I took Cloey in the room to clean her up & then we went out to get the bags. I was afraid if she puked again it would get in her trach and no one would be watching her. we got all the bags in and then I gave her a bath, did her night care & set all of her machines up.

Then as I got my netbook out to post this, I found my broken camera. The screen is all smashed. It's not a super nice one or anything but we had been borrowing my grandma's for a long time and finally been able to buy this one not even a year ago, so I'm totally heartbroken about it.

Sorry this post is such a rant, It is 2:30am here and Cloey's first appointment is at 9am tomorrow, so I should be sleeping. But I am feeling pretty beat down right now. I know it's at least partly because how she acted on the plane confirms her dependency on the vent. I had really though she'd be able to do it on just oxygen. I am sure in the morning I will see more of the things that didn't go wrong. Most of what did, is material and will be forgotton soon enough, being here to help Cloey is what will last. At the end of this horrible day my heart smiles just a little to know we are taking Cloey to the best to give her the best life possible and I will be able to do that for her soon now.

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