Sunday, March 15, 2009

All in one place

Welcome to Cloey's new blog! I hope to consolidate and provide a place to keep the countless people who love Cloey updated. So from now on, check here first! Right now Cloey's doing great. She (along with the rest of us) are enjoying our new house. She is getting over an infection in her trach & lungs that required 2 rounds of inhaled and oral antibiotics. Although it was stubborn and wouldn't go away, she didn't get very "sick" so that's good. her left eye has gotten "lazier" recently so she now has to wear an eye patch for 4-6 hours a day. she hates it and says "I can't see!" the patch covers her good eye to strengthen her bad eye, so she is right about not being able to see, but that is kinda the point :) She is solidly 12 hours dependant on the vent. we are looking ahead this summer and think we are going to have to leave her home for camping and other fun stuff, which pulls at our heart strings. We are trying to think of fun stuff she can do while we are out. Mostly we are just enjoying her giggly self and this time we have with her while she is feeling good. watch for more updates! I promise I'll be better.......


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